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 Transcendence is Calling 

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Feng Shui

Has tested the test of time as it has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. Early China was led by Shaman Kings who knew the ways of Wind & Water. Feng means Wind and Shui means Water. These Shaman kings broke down the yin and yang mathematically into 8 trigrams which became known as Heaven Sequence. Heaven Sequence is ancient symbols (trigrams) aligned with the cardinal directions to make up the Feng Shui Map. Emperors utilized this Feng Shui Map to assist in ruling their empire.



 Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Producers and Directors have trusted ShuiServices to Feng Shui their homes & businesses to level up their lives and fine tune the efficiency and flow of their spaces.  


Transforming Spaces & States of MInd

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Alannah is not just a guide, but a beacon of light. Over the last 10 years she has guided me through accessible and practical feng shui practices to provide balance and healing in both my personal and professional spheres. If you are looking for a nurturing and empowering force to guide you through your most powerful energy work, look no further than Alannah. 

Kimberly Hanton
IT Project Manager

  • Wed

    1 hr

    16.49 Canadian dollars

We've all been guilty of letting our photos on our phone get out of control. What about your inbox, are the emails piling up into the 100's or even 1000's? Your files and folders on your computer, I bet they need to be organized as well!

Finally A Solution! Because Feng Shui is not just your physical environment but your digial universe as well!

Come join a weekly virtual co - working session where you organize your digital world. Each week we will tackle a different aspect of your computer and phone. 

ShuiSerivces is Alannah Leigh 

Alannah graduated university with an archaeology undergrad. Due to her love of history January 2009 she found herself at the steps of a Tao Holy House and was initiated by a Tao Master (a lineage dating back to the days of Confucius and Lao Tzu). This was the beginning of her Feng Shui journey. 


Why Feng Shui? Because she sees spaces like she would an excavation. She can hear items speak and loves helping clients discover how their environment is shaping their reality. 

She has a parsons Jack Russell named Bongo whom she spoils. They go on daily hikes in the forest.  

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