Exploring Nature


Tao Kin . Archaeologist . Founder

De - Cluttering Experience

  • Alannah has been helping people organize their lives since a child.

  • She would help organize closets, rooms, and school binders.

  • Organizing is one of her favourite pass times.

Feng Shui Training

  • Alannah is a Tao Kin! She received the Tao from a Master in 2012.

  • Learns ancient knowledge from a lineage that dates back to Lao Tzu & Confucius.

  • Attends Holy House and participates in Tao prayers and attends Buddha classes.

Floral Skills

  • Worked as a florist throughout her 20's.

  • Loves incorporating floral design into her Feng Shui practice.

  • Truly believes plants and flowers help truly transform a space. 


  • Archaeology Major & English Minor from Simon Fraser University.

  • Doula Certificate from Pacific Rim College.

Fun Facts

  • Alannah grew up dancing and now practices yoga daily.

  • She hikes daily with her Jack Russell 'Time' on the North Shore Mountains

  • After many years she overcame her Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis holistically.

  • Any day she can have a family day she will.


Yoga by the Ocean

"The reason it is important that any authentic Feng Shui practitioner be educated in the philosophy of the Tao and the I Ching is to ensure that these ancient principles are properly established in one's home."

- Alannah Leigh

Owner: Alannah Leigh
Head Office: North Vancouver | Canada
Working Regions: Globally
Contact: shuiservices@gmail.com