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Modern Country House

Residential spaces

Home is the place you come to for peace and refuge. Home is the place you celebrate and also grieve in.  Our homes care for us so let's care for them to.


Enjoy Feng Shui from the comfort of your own home. We review your home's floor plan in the initial consult additional consults you will be asked to walk around your home with the video on to review the space layout. 

Bagua Grid

You are provided the Heaven Sequence grid which grounds your home into the 5D. A workbook is given which outlines all 9 bagua sector; Skills, Career, Fame, Health, Love, Wealth, Creativity, Travel.

Intentional Organization

Throughout the consultation we will assist you in identifying items that would like to move to different sections of the bagua to best amplify their energetic power. 


You are mailed a sage stick that was harvest consciously by hand by Alannah. You are encouraged to smudge your space before the consult to cleanse the energies.

De - Cluttering

When you show Alannah the space during online consults, Alannah will point out items that are vibrating at a low frequency and encourage you to remove and donate items.

Re - Arranging Furniture

Alannah knows what furniture needs to move immediately. There is no time like the present to shift your space. A homework list is provided to continue re-arranging items and furniture.

What Our Clients Say

Modern Home

Graeme, Olympic Village

The smallest change made the biggest difference!

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