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The Energy Of Your Environment


Alannah has been trained in the ancient philosophy of the Tao, and studied as an archaeologist. She is passionate about ensuring the ancient foundations of Feng Shui are respected and honoured while providing a more modern and approachable practice for her clients.

  • Ancient Tao - Initiated as a Tao Kin

  • Simon Fraser University - Archaeology Major

  • Simon Fraser University - English Minor

  • Pacific Rim College - Doula Certificate

  • Feng Shui Consultant

  • Florist 

  • Professional Organizer

  • Astrologer

About Alannah Leigh

Alannah hikes daily with her jack russell Bongo, practices yoga and meditation daily, and loves writing poetry from zen to macabre. She loves cold plunges in the rivers of the north shore and loves evolutionary leaps of faith where she throws logic out the window and dives deep into her spiritual enlightenment challenging her logic ego brain again and again. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.20.36 PM.png

Melissa Faye 
Space Holder | Feng Shui Apprentice

During In Person Consults, Melissa acts as space holder. She smudges each client along with the entirety of the space, along with offering the remnants to the earth as an offering. She is a master at holding space as the consult unfolds ensuring a calm environment while we move and remove items.


Greg Reid
Project Manager | Architecture & Landscape Design

Greg's experience with architecture blueprints ensures that all Feng Shui recommendations can be easily implemented.  He loves landscape design ensuring you are creating a truly zen garden space that will flourish over time.  

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