Busy TV Producer Tyson Hepburn Needs To Rent His Town House!

Tyson is a busy man he has shows on Netflix & History Canada. He needed help renting out his Coal Harbour Town House and ShuiServices assisted prepping it for showings.

What many don't realize is that since the owner of ShuiServices is a florist that one of the companies strengths is landscaping and floral decor. When trying to sell/rent a house the outer space is crucial as it is the first thing that people see... and we all know you can't re do a first impression.

This front space was definitely not going to WOW and prospective tenants.

Feng Shui Tip: Make sure you do not have any dead plants visible when walking up to the front door. This is where chi' first gathers and it is crucial that this space is the well cared for and catches the eye.

Tyson's Town House's entrance faced South with is the Reputation Sector in Feng Shui. The element of reputation is red. So we made sure to incorporate lots of red to positively harness the universal chi'.

“Thank you ShuiServices for helping me as I moved out of my Coal Harbour Townhouse and getting it ready for rental viewings!” Thank you Tyson for trusting ShuiService in getting your space rented! Alannah Leigh Founder

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