Busy Documentary Director John Bolton Needs Help With His Office Layout!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

John connected with ShuiServices for his home office. Read below to learn how we helped!

When I first came to John's home office I instantly new that the desk had to move. He was hesitant at first as he liked to look outside the window but his back was towards the door. A Feng Shui No No!

“ With your suggestion to move my desk I now have a white board in my office, which has revolutionized the way I work creatively in my office. Thank you for your help!”

Best Desk Placement For One's Office

When setting up your home office make sure you always can see the door from where you are sitting. If your back is to the door then you will energetically miss opportunities that will be coming towards you.

By seeing the door way clearly from your desk in your office space all you will be ready for all work opportunities that come your way! Get ready for your business to take on the world John! Thank you John for trusting in ShuiServices for your Feng Shui Needs! Alannah Leigh Founder

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