Biohacker Brittany Looks Into Feng Shui For Fertility

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Brittany Ford a local Vancouvorite was curious about how Feng Shui could help support her fertility. She was having difficulties getting her female cycle each month and was delving into different holistic and alternative ways to help.

After reviewing Brittany's floor plan it was clear that the family sector was 'missing' from the home. This is when a section of the Bagua is missing. Alannah's advice was to emphasize the Children sector, hang a moon cycle artistic piece in the Health Sector and amp up the East section of her home (Family Sector).

The next month Alannah received news that Brittany had gotten her period! Its been a few months and her period is still coming. Curious about Biohacking? Brittany is a registered nutritionist and has amazing content @biohackingbrittany

Thank you Brittany for trusting ShuiServices with your Feng Shui needs! Alannah Leigh Founder

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