Carly Wants To Shift Up Life

Carly wanted to see how Feng Shui could shift her space. So she hired ShuiService for a in person consult! Even tho Carly is a very organized person we were able to move some specific items to really help her feel truly zen in her space. We moved a mirror she had facing her bed (check out Rita's story for more info on why mirrors shouldn't be placed facing a bed). We focused our attention to her career sector as she was feeling a bit overwhelmed with her 9-5 job. Lastly, we focused on her relationship sector.

Soon after ShuiServices left she met a fella, and really delved into her creativity starting her own candle company 'Just Bouge'! Super excited for Carly! If your looking for handcrafted candles made with magic, crystals and love. Follow @justbouge and support this local new biz!

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