Director Tyson Hepburn Needs Help In His New Down Town Condo!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Tyson had such an amazing experience when ShuiServices helped him get his town house ready to rent, he hired us back to help him set up his new condo in China Town

When Tyson first bought his condo he was told by the realtor the master bedroom was the bedroom right at the front of the condo and the second bedroom in the back would be the guest bedroom. So when the movers came he had his bad set up in the front room.

As you can see the bed has it's head board facing away from the door of the bedroom. This is a Feng Shui No No! You should always be able to see the bedroom door from bed. Another No No was that the bed faced not only one door (the bathroom) but also another (the closet). You are not suppose to see inside the bathroom from your bed and you are not suppose to have your bed face a door as it is considered the death position.

I looked at the other 'spare' bedroom and immediately told Tyson to use this room for his master bedroom. Not only does he have his own private patio he has access to his own bathroom as well and it falls in his Romance Sector which will help provide a successful and harmonious relationship. He was a bit hesitant at first because the realtor said this was a spare bedroom. I told him, try it for a week and see what he thinks. Remember when practicing Feng Shui you can always move things back! It is something I have to remind people when they are hesitant, as changes can be difficult. I have never had clients move things back.

“Thank you Alannah for encouraging me to change rooms. This room is darker which helps me sleep better at night. It is also quieter as it is tucked away from the main ares of the house. I love having my bed in this room! ”

His fab view from his private balcony which he can enjoy when he rolls out of bed for his morning coffee

Thank you Tyson for trusting ShuiServices again for your home needs! Alannah Leigh Founder

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