Suzie The Home Maker Didn't Know What To Do About Her Clothes!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Suzie hired ShuiServices to assist in helping organize her bedroom as her and her husband were having martial issues and she was hoping Feng Shui could help. Read below how we did!

The moment I walked into Suzie's bedroom I was blown away on how her and her husband were managing day to day living with their closet in boxes. I asked when they moved in... I was shocked! 2 Years Ago! As you can see below the view from the door was totally blocked by boxes and boxes.

Shui Tip: Door ways always need to have a clear path in and out for positive flow of chi in the room.

Below you will see the view from the couples bed! AHHH how did these two sleep at night!

When looking into the cardinal direction of their clutter it aligned with the Family Sector and their bedroom was in the Romance Sector of the Ba Gua. No wonder they were having martial Issues.

“Alannah! Thank you so much for being part of changing my life. You were such a flow in all aspects.” - Suzie

Wow! Look at that difference!

Thanks Suzie for trusting ShuiServices with helping transform your bedroom and your life! Alannah Leigh Founder

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