Rita Sidhu Needs Support Organizing Her Storage Closet

Rita asked ShuiServices to come and help organize her home storage closet. As she was showing us her closet, Alannah noticed her spare bedroom door was open and there was a massive mirror facing her bed! Uh Oh! One of the worst things to do Feng Shui wise.

Having a mirror directly facing a bed is extremely bad Feng Shui! What happens is it startles the person who is sleeping overtime they wake up and look up from the bed.

The energy of the room is also directed straight to the sleeping person which can cause anxiety and stress over long periods of time.

In just a few minutes we had moved the mirror beside the bed right next to the closet. Now when a guest comes to stay they have the mirror right beside them when they get dressed and ready for the day.

Right After we got to work organizing the closet!

It was difficult to get to certain items and she wasn't sure how to organize her seasonal and memory items. See below for the AFTER!

'Thank you! the guest room feels way more zen, and I am in love with the closet! All my memories are organized! love how I have all my season decorations in corresponding boxes and that my gift wrapping was organized into seasonal presents and a separate bin for birthday wrapping! I Love It! - Rita

Thank you Rita for trusting ShuiServices! Alannah Leigh Founder

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