Shy Practice Is Opening A New Yoga Studio

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Sarah owner of Shy Practice reached out to us once she rented a studio space for her yoga business. Alannah came on site and gridded the space in accordance to the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Sarah brought ShuiServices in right before she and her team began painting and decorating the space. This is a perfect time for a Feng Shui consultant to come in because now they can choose paint colours, decorations, and furniture in accordance to each of the Bagua Map; Career, Wealth, Love, Creativity, Mentors, Reputation, Skills and Family Sectors.

Sarah decided that the main studio desk will go in the Career sector. She plans on creating a community wall where people can write encouraging notes in the Love Sector to ensure the community feels extra support and love while they practice.

"Thank you so much for the reading. I'm just starting to find homes for everything. Yoga on tap Sunday. Come Join!" - Sarah

Yes you read correctly, Shy Practice creates unique yoga classes. She works with local brewers and even has Yoga on Tap! Live in the North Shore? Join! Curious to learn more? Follow Sarah

Thank you Sarah for trusting ShuiServices with your Feng Shui needs! Alannah Leigh Founder

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