• 5 Weeks of Feng Shui. In this course you and your space will be transformed. Out of the 9 Feng Shui sections we focus on Helpful People, Family and Hobbies

    Helpful People aka Mentors... meaning people who like hero's come and help you out. Where would we be without our connections? It is with the support of our community that we thrive! 


    Family... do you have some family dynamics that you would like Feng Shui to help ease the tensions? Or are you looking to start a family? Many women have used Feng Shui to assist in helping regulate their periods. #funfact

    Hobbies aka Creativity... How is your creative genius flowing? This gets you really excited about your passions in life? Your gunna be burning with creative excitment after partaking in this program!

    • Once purchased ShuiServices will be in contact for you to be scheduled in. 
    • Clients are expected to provide their floor plan before being booked in.