• 5 Week of one on one online feng shui guidance as we delve into your purpose in life. Is your career fufilling you? Are you being noticed for your effort? Looking to become an Euntrepreuner? This package is for you!

    The 3 Feng Shui Sectors that encompass our life path are Reputation Sector, Career Sector and our Skills Sector. 

    Our Reputation Sector aka Fame Sector aka Recognition Sector is where we get recognized for our efforts. Where we are awarded for our accoplishments. Trying to put yourself out into the public eye. This tune up is for you!

    Skills aka Knowledge Sector or lets just say Education Section. So are you looking to strengthen your skillset? Want the application process to your next certification to flow seamlessly? This is for you!

    Career, yes our Life Work with a captial W. Because we came to this earth to be of service. So how are you serving? Lets dig deep and articulate what you want to accomplish and set your space up to assist you as you accomplosh your goals. You got this! Euntrepreuners highly recommended to purchase this package!

    • Once purchased ShuiServices will be in contact for you to be scheduled in. 
    • Clients are expected to provide their floor plan before being booked in.