Modern Country House


Home is the place you come to for peace and refuge. Home is the place you celebrate and also grieve in.  Our homes care for us so let's care for them to.


Alannah as a Tao Kin recites an ancient prayer to call in the buddhas of the Tao to come and enter the space.  This bridges the ancient philosophical origins of feng shui to the present.

Bagua Grid

You are provided the Heaven Sequence grid which grounds your home into the 5D. A workbook is given which outlines all 9 bagua sector; Skills, Career, Fame, Health, Love, Wealth, Creativity, Travel.

Intentional Organization

Throughout the consultation we will assist you in identifying items that would like to move to different sections of the bagua to best amplify their energetic power. 


Melissa smudges each individual partaking in the consultation along with  the entire space (inside drawers, cupboards and closets etc). Remnants are given to earth as on offering.

De - Cluttering

As Alannah surveys the home she will point out items that are vibrating at a low frequency. We assist you in removing as many items as possible within the session to be donated. 

Re - Arranging Furniture

Alannah knows what furniture needs to move immediately. There is no time like the present to shift your space. A homework list is provided to continue re-arranging items and furniture.






1 Room | Studio

3 hrs


1 Bdrm | 1000 sq

4 hrs


2 Bdrm | 2000 sq

2 Days | 6 - 7 hrs


3 Bdrm | 3000 sq

2 Days | 7 - 8 hrs


4 Bdrm | 4000 sq

3 Days | 8 - 10 hrs


5 Bdrm | 5000 sq

3 Days | 10 - 12 hrs


In Person Consultation

Available in Vancouver, Canada.
*Available Globally (Conditions Apply)

Consult Details

  • In Person Consults include

    • Ancient tao prayer by a Tao Kin

    • Grounding meditation

    • Salt burn cleanse

    • Gridding of the Later Heavens Sequence

    • Smudging of the space with wild grown, consciously harvested by hand sage brush

    • Assistance moving items

    • Interior design support

    • Door fortunes

      • Harmonize discord doorways

    • Email support after consultation while you continue the shifts

Purchasing Details

  • All consult dates and time must be agreed upon before contract is signed & payment made.

  • Tax Details
    • GST is added on top of consult fee.

  • Retainer Fee

    • Payment must be made prior to consults.

      • Late payment will result in the cancelation of your consult.

    • Payments made in Canadian Dollars.

    • Payment through personal stripe invoice email link.

      • Canadians have option to pay through stripe link or e-transfer​

Travel & Accommodation

  • Travel in the Lower Mainland Vancouver is included in consult fee.

  • Consults booked outside of the Lower Mainland will have travel fees incorporated into the contract.

  • Travel outside of the Lower Mainland, Vancouver requiring accommodation for ShuiServices & employees will have accommodation fees incorporated into the consult contract.

What Our Clients Say

Modern Home

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