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Modern Country House




Alannah as a Tao Kin recites an ancient prayer to call in the buddhas of the Tao to come and enter the space.  This bridges the ancient philosophical origins of feng shui to the present.

Bagua Grid

You are provided the Heaven Sequence grid which grounds your home into the 5D. A workbook is given which outlines all 9 bagua sector; Skills, Career, Fame, Health, Love, Wealth, Creativity, Travel.

Intentional Organization

Throughout the consultation we will assist you in identifying items that would like to move to different sections of the bagua to best amplify their energetic power. 


Melissa smudges each individual partaking in the consultation along with  the entire space (inside drawers, cupboards and closets etc). Remnants are given to earth as on offering.

De - Cluttering

As Alannah surveys the home she will point out items that are vibrating at a low frequency. We assist you in removing as many items as possible within the session to be donated. 

Re - Arranging Furniture

Alannah knows what furniture needs to move immediately. There is no time like the present to shift your space. A homework list is provided to continue re-arranging items and furniture.